Aoife Millea



I am a newborn photographer in the south of Ireland and creating newborn composites is my absolute favourite part of my sessions. For me composites are my way of adding some fun and magic to my clients galleries.  

A composite is like building a layered jigsaw made up of many different components like  posing of baby for specific backdrops, angles, lighting,  aperture and editing/shadows. Once each piece is done correctly the composite will click together so much quicker and easier!

At this class learn how to safely photograph baby  on beanbag specifically for composites, get better understanding of light placement, camera settings and tip/tricks on manipulating light to match the digital backdrop, then over to photoshop to learn how to combine baby and backdrop beautifully so that you will have the tools to create realistic composites for your clients galleries. Composites are not only for elaborate setups - We all get babies that we can just not pose safely in certain props on the day of their session so when we know how to shoot baby comfortable and safe on beanbag and composite it means parents can still get beautiful images.