We have an amazing line up of speakers for our 2019 show. Book early to avoid missing out!



MONDAY 13th May (12 per class) - "Storytelling and Set Design" (5hr class) Go behind the scenes as we build simple, timeless sets to create a series of storytelling images. Utilizing fairytale elements and vintage dresses, we will craft a scene that didn't previously exist by using inexpensive props and some simple editing techniques. Learn quick and easy methods (before shooting, during the shoot, and in editing) for telling stories that have personal meaning but also relate to a larger audience."

TUESDAY 14th May (12 per class) - "Storytelling and Compositing" (5hr class) Being able to move a character to a new background can make all the difference in getting the shot you really need. Instead of feeling rushed on location, or settling for what you have available, we will go through all of the steps necessary to photograph a model, move them to a new background, and dive into the editing process for a seamless and beautiful finished image."


SANDRA HILL (Only 4 spaces left per day)

(5hr class each day 12 per class) Shoot alongside Sandra Hill at this fabulous class. Sandra will be showing you how she achieves her incredible images using wrapping and props. Also covering styling, angles, natural lighting and editing.



Workshop SOLD OUT (7hr workshop plus 1hr lunch break 20 spaces) - Join Kelly Brown for a workshop focused on how to streamline your entire workflow in and out of the studio. Kelly will demonstrate with a live models showing how she photographs a full newborn session from start to finish. You will learn how to capture the perfect camera angles, lighting & composition for each pose. She will then take you step by step through her editing process.

Business Seminar (2hr seminar 100 spaces) - During this seminar, Kelly will guide you step by step through the business side of being a profitable photographer that will have you working smarter not harder in no time!



(5hr class each day 12 per class) Join Alli in this exciting workshop learning how to create stunning maternity image. Alli will be teaching beautiful backlighting, strip lighting as well as posing and transitional lighting and editing



MONDAY 13th May (3hr class 30 per class) - Photoshop For Lightroom Users
Lightroom is awesome. There’s no question about it, but there are some things it just can’t do. Photoshop is a massive program that does a million things, but you can learn a few basics that can give you a serious artistic and competitive edge. You don’t have to save everything in a hundred layers and become a guru, but what you can learn in just a few hours might just save you time, money and take your work to another level. This class is perfect for anyone who primarily uses Lightroom and prefers to avoid Photoshop. You will learn:
Fast and easy ways to fix the most common problems that Lightroom can’t touch
Removing simple backgrounds in minutes
Color grading
Fast and efficient portrait editing that looks natural
How to automate time-consuming tasks and make Photoshop work for you
You don’t have to become a Photoshop expert to harness some of it’s most powerful tools. Give it a couple of hours, and it might just become your new favorite thing.

TUESDAY 14th May (3hr class 30 per class) - Creating Effective Facebook Ad Campaigns
Everyone tells you that you should be advertising on Facebook, right? Maybe you have even thrown a few quid at it and not seen any results. In this tightly-focused course, you will learn an effective method for creating a targeted Facebook advertising campaign that yields great results. This course is perfect for anyone who is frustrated with social media advertising and looking for a way to actually make it work. Join this class and you can create an ad and start running it before the class is even finished!


GARY HILL (1st day is full, only 5 spaces left on day 2)

An A to Z of lighting (4hr class each day 12 per class)

Want to learn how to really simply light all people ? From newborn set ups through to sitters, children, fine art and families, this whizzbang course will transform your lighting and make you REALLY UNDERSTAND how to light people to sell those images to clients and impress judges.

Learn the 4 rules of light
Light patterns
One to three light set ups so you can concentrate on styling and connecting with your clients. This will give you the skills to make kick ass portraits.



'Business & Marketing for family photographers on a budget' (3hr class each day 25 per class)

Branding - what it means and how you can create a strong personal brand on a budget
Marketing - How to develop your own marketing plan and have clarity on what yo should be talking about and when
Website visibilty - How to ensure people find your website and when they do how to make sure it converts to sales and enquiries

PLEASE NOTE - Please select from the classes below. Please ensure you choose the correct day you wish to attend as days cannot be changed if a class sells out. Please note that Kelly Brown has a SEMINAR and a WORKSHOP. Please make sure you choose the correct one when booking.