OPENING SOON FOR 2020 entries

PLEASE READ FIRST and follow EVERY step - 

1 You may enter ONE image per category free of charge (you may enter as many categories as you wish).

2 You can enter further images per category for a small charge of £5 per image. To add extra entries please first send your payment of £5 per image along with the file name/s of the extra entries via Paypal to and then please forward us the extra files to be entered.

3 RENAME YOUR FILE to yourfirstandlastname-category.jpg, we do not need your studio name or website.

4 Images must be resized to 2000 px on the longest side and no more than 2mb in size and correctly named. 

In Lightroom please choose these settings to export at the correct size, it only takes a couple of clicks to resize this way!

5 Choose a category below


Newborns up to 6 weeks old. You may include digital backgrounds providing these were actually photographed by you and not bought/downloaded (proof may be required)

May include other children or partner but the focus of the image must be the pregnant lady. Digital backgrounds can be included providing they were photographed by you and not bought/downloaded (proof may be required)

Child Studio
Max 2 children photographed in a studio environment (more than 2 children should be entered in to the family category) Digital backgrounds can be included providing they were photographed by you and not bought/downloaded (proof may be required)

Child Outdoors
Must be photographed outdoors in the environment shown in the image, do not include digital backgrounds or elements (these should be entered in to the Digital Art category)

More than 2 children or parents and child/children. All included people must be related or from the same family. Images can be either shot in a studio or outdoors

Digital Art
Images made up of several different images. This does not include textures (which are enhancements rather than digital elements) etc. The image must be significantly different to how it was shot. You may not include any stock or bought images. The photographer must have taken all images themselves including any added backgrounds or elements and you must be able to prove this if asked. 


You must own the copyright to the image and you cannot enter any image that was photographed under instruction in any way, so no workshop, portfolio building days or training images

Any creative image deemed to be a direct copy of another photographers image will be withdrawn.

All elements in each picture must be shot by the author

No bought digital backdrops or elements. You may use enhancements such as actions or textures but all elements in the actual image must be shot by yourself

We may ask to see the RAW file if we need clarity. Please be prepared to produce this if asked

You may enter the same pictures in each of our competitions

There is no time limit as to when an image was shot

Images must be free of watermarks or any distinguishing features

Images MUST be correctly titled and sized

Entries Deadline

30-Apr-2020 11:59 PM (GMT -0:00)

WINNERS MUST BE PRESENT AT THE AWARDS DINNER ON 19th MAY 2020 IN ORDER TO COLLECT THEIR PRIZES. Please make sure if you take part you are prepared to attend our awards dinner should you be selected as a finalist


Please email us your entries to (please send as an email attachment and not via WeTransfer etc as we are then able to hold your files in our email until show time)

2019 Winners

Marie Elise Dalmais

WINNER Maternity Category
2nd Place Stephanie Lemmens
3rd Place Victoria Coolco
Finalist Stephanie Lemmens
Finalist Marie Elise Dalmais

Aimee-Jo Ahmed

2nd Place Beata Baran
3rd Place Stacey Lewis
Finalist Donia Licata
Finalist Donia Licata

Rachel Stewart Illingworth

WINNER Child Studio
2nd Place Magdalena Sienicka
3rd Place Magdalena Sienicka
Finalist Magdalena Sienicka
Finalist Rachel Stewart Illingworth

Roberta Baneviciene

WINNER Child Outdoors
2nd Place Eleanor Whibley
3rd Place Eva White
Finalist Roberta Baneviciene
Finalist Roberta Baneviciene

Lelde Kokorevica

WINNER Family Category
2nd Place Justina Cereskaite
3rd Place Stephanie Lemmens
Finalist Justina Cereskaite
Finalist Natasha Ince

Rachel Stewart Illingworth

WINNER Digital Art Category
2nd Place Rachel Stewart Illingworth
3rd Place Joanne Widart
Finalist Adrienne Roisin
Finalist Florine Jonnekin