Mii-Estilo - Stand 8

Mii-Estilo is a webshop with a big range of maternity dresses for photoshoots. Our pregnancy photoshoot dresses are all handmade. We carefully select all the fabric used to each dress and have a big variety of colors and types of fabric. 

Every detail from the maternity dresses for pictures created by Mii-Estilo is meticulously planned from the beginning until the end. We are always planning new designs and searching hard for new material, fabric and mostly, for new inspirations. 

Most of our clients are photographers who are specialised in maternity photography and for them we have a very big range of maternity photography dresses - exclusively created for this purpose. A bunch of beautiful designs with yards of delicate and beautiful fabric so our clients can play an get the most incredible effects for the perfect photos. These maternity dresses will keep your clients happy and coming to you for your gown selection. Help your maternity clients glow and feel pampered during their sessions.

Aren’t you a photographer but is looking for maternity shoot dresses? Mii-Estilo is also the right place for you. We have a team to create a family portrait to last a lifetime. Our custom service is always ready to help you with any matter and to make this special moment as perfect as you deserve. Custom dresses are also a possibility for you, if that is what you want. You just need to contact us and we will patiently hear all your needs and help you all the way through until the moment you will receive your so expected gown at your door. 

Mii-Estilo is the right place for you if you are a photographer, or a mom-to-be or already a mom that wants a special family photoshoot or a photoshoot for your little princess. We can dress you up for all you wish! 

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