I’m a child photographer from Poland. I could describe my work as something between reality and dream. I love deep tones, glorious light, pay a lot of attention to composition and mood in my work. I search for breathtaking childhood moments and sweet cozy scenes. I carry my camera with me everywhere I go and take lots of photos to capture that one perfect moment. I love to share my knowledge and passion with other photographers around the world. I started traveling with workshops in 2016 and already visited 10 European countries, Russia, USA, Brazil, and China. I also share my editing techniques online. My goal is to share my passion and show other mothers and photographers how to see magic in everyday life. I have been awarded in many international contests and became the most popular photographer on Flickr in 2017. I shoot with Sony A7II and Sony 85mm 1.4GM, Zeiss Sonnar 135mm 1.8 and Sony 50mm 1.4 and edit mainly in Lightroom and sometimes Photoshop.

The theory: - finding inspiration and ideas - choosing props and clothes - choosing locations - using natural light - using other sources of light - composition - depth of field - tips and tricks - angles - working with kids - equipment and settings

Practice - shooting with kids - selecting images in Lightroom - editing- basic editing and creative editing (using Lightroom and Photoshop)