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12x10 Print Competition

This year, on Sunday 19th May 2020, 10.00am till finish we will be LIVE JUDGING your print entries with the winners announced at our gala dinner on Tuesday 14th May. 
This is an amazing opportunity for you to come and watch your images being judged by a panel of very skilled judges and hear feedback on many of the images. Viewing is completely free of charge and is one of the most valuable ways to learn from these super talented judges.


You must own the copyright to the image and you cannot enter any image that was photographed under instruction in any way, so no workshop, portfolio building days or training images

Any creative image deemed to be a direct copy of another photographers image will be withdrawn.

All elements in each picture must be shot by the author

No bought digital backdrops or elements. You may use enhancements such as actions or textures but all elements in the actual image must be shot by yourself

We may ask to see the RAW file if we need clarity. Please be prepared to produce this if asked

You may enter the same pictures in each of our competitions

There is no time limit as to when an image was shot

Images must be free of watermarks or any distinguishing features

Images MUST be correctly titled and sized


Please make sure if you take part you are prepared to attend our awards dinner should you be selected as a finalist

Any rules not followed will render your entry void


Newcomers who have been in business for 2 years or less and have NEVER entered a photographic competition or passed a qualification (either at Uni or with a photographic organisation) this is open to any genre of photography

Newborn up to 8 weeks, siblings and parents can be included as long as the newborn remains the main focus of the image

Children 8 weeks to 16yrs, may include parents providing the child is the main focus of the image

Maternity may include other children or partner

Open Anything goes but not newborn, maternity or child

Pet Must be a domesticated animal/bird/reptile etc (excluding captive wildlife in zoo’s etc)


Entry £10 per print - you may enter multiple prints in each category

Or purchase 5 entries for the price of 4!

Each entry MUST be 12x10in in overall size including matt mount if desired.

Prints MUST be mounted (this is required to avoid the prints curling when viewed under the daylight viewing booth by the judges). You may also add a matt mount if you wish however the minimum viewable image must be 8in on the shortest side, so for example with a 1 inch border around to bring the total size to 12x10.

We will need an un-watermarked copy of each image you are entering, please send through no bigger than 2mb and 2000px. Please name your file with your name and the category the print is entered in to and forward this to info@thenewbornphotographyshow.co.uk we will be using these files to show on screen during the judging so the audience can see the image being judged, we will also be showing the image on the big screen at the awards dinner should your image be successful. Following the show dates all images are deleted. Please email us the file as an attachment (zip folder for several images), please do NOT send via WeTransfer as we store your emails until closer to the show so they are not downloaded straight away

You are welcome to come and watch the live judging on the Sunday and remember to buy your awards dinner ticket incase you are a finalist!


DEADLINE FOR PRINT ENTRIES -  We must receive your prints by 1st MAY 2020 AT THE LATEST or they will not be included in the judging process and no refund given. Please make sure you send them in plenty of time!

Please note that prints that aren’t a finalist are available to collect DURING SHOW HOURS on the Monday or Tuesday ONLY. Any prints that make it to the print display will be available AFTER THE SHOW on the Tuesday from 4pm up until 6pm at the latest. Any prints not collected will not be posted so please either collect your own prints or request for a friend to collect.

WINNERS MUST BE PRESENT AT THE AWARDS DINNER ON 19th MAY 2020 IN ORDER TO COLLECT THEIR PRIZES. Please make sure if you take part you are prepared to attend our awards dinner should you be selected as a finalist



2019 Winners

Edina Berta

WINNER Newcomer Category
2nd Place Lauren Reynolds
3rd Place Lauren Reynold
Finalist Lauren Reynold
Finalist Leva Gudziunaite

Natasha Ince

WINNER Newborn Category
2nd Place Jade Dowling
3rd Place Aimee-Jo Ahmed
Finalist Mhari-Clare Green
Finalist Donia Licata

Rachel Steward Illingworth

WINNER Child Category
2nd Place Eleanor Whibley
3rd Place Magdalena Sienicka
Finalist Rachel Stewart Illingworth
Finalist Zara Cowdray

Marie Elise Dalmais

WINNER Maternity Category
2nd Place Marie Elise Dalmais
3rd Place Donia Licata
Finalist Natasha Ince
Finalist Marie Elise Dalmais

Gary Hill

WINNER Open Category
2nd Place Gary Hill
3rd Place Leela Wanless
Finalist Florine Jonnekin
Finalist Stephanie Lemmens



Terrie Jones - Head of Judging

Terrie Jones’ passion for photographic judging has become somewhat infamous within the industry ovesr the past several years, together with her team of over 60 experienced judges she has spent the last 15 years striving to maintain the high standards required for both Qualification and ‘Photographer of the Year Awards’. Terrie joined The Societies at the young age of 16 and soon developed an interest in print critique. Taking it upon herself to learn more from the experienced photographers around her, Terrie quickly became The Societies Competition Administrator, a title which she held with pride for over 10 years. During this time The Societies’ live annual 20x16 Competition has grown from strength to strength, gaining respect for its transparency and diversity. It is now one of the largest ‘all welcome’ photographic print competitions in the world today. Four years ago Terrie, desperate for personal development in the world of judging, attended the 2015 PPA Judging School in Atlanta where she proved herself not only as an administrator for judging, but as a judge herself. Terrie’s passion for judging has only grown since then, continuing to learn from her team she has used her experience to open The Societies Judging School, which is now a ‘must attend’ course for anybody wishing to deepen their understanding of print critique. Now ‘Head of Judging’ at The Societies, Terrie is keen to share her knowledge and experiences with photographers with a view to maintaining the high standards expected within the industry

Kelly Brown FSWPP

Kelly Brown is a portrait photographer and educator from Brisbane, Australia, and a Double Master with Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI).

She started her business, Little Pieces Photography, in 2005, and specialises in newborn and baby portraiture. She has diplomas in both Business and Photography and has been teaching newborn posing and business classes around the world since 2010.

In 2017 Kelly was awarded WPPI Newborn Photographer of the Year, Pet Photographer of the Year and the Excellence Award for the highest scoring images.

Also in 2017, Kelly is opening a brand new photography studio in Brisbane and continues to educate photographers around the world.


WPPI Children’s Photographer of the Year - 2016
AIPP QLD Newborn Photographer of the Year - 2016
WPPI Newborn Photographer of the Year - 2015
AIPP QLD Family Photographer of the Year - 2015
WPPI Children’s Baby Photographer of the Year - 2014
WPPI Creative Composite Photographer of the Year - 2014 WPPI Portrait Photographer of the Year - 2014
AIPP Australian Family Photographer of the Year - 2014
AIPP QLD Professional Photographer of the Year 2014 & 2013 World Photographic Cup Gold Medal 2013
AIPP QLD Portrait Photographer of the Year 2013
AIPP QLD Family Photographer of the Year 2014, 2013 & 2012 AIPP Australian Creative Photographer of the Year - 2012

Gary Hughes PPA Master

A PPA Master Photographer, Gary's work has been featured in Professional Photographer Magazine and he has been a speaker for Imaging USA, Creative Live and has written articles on photography for the Huffington Post. In 2016 his book, Photographing Headshots, debuted as a best seller in the photography education category on Amazon.
His studio's list of corporate clients includes UBS Financial, Veritas, Staples and Microsoft.