Kristen Mackey

Son Kissed Photography

I graduated college in 2004 with a degree in Business Management.  After graduating, my husband and I moved to Tulsa and I began my career in corporate America where I worked in Human Resources for 5 years.  It was after having my son in 2007 I began my journey in photography.  I was completely inspired by my son; all I wanted was nice pictures of him growing up (hence the name Son Kissed.)  I began taking photography classes in 2007 and that hobby quickly blossomed into a passion.  My Human Resources background has been a great asset to my business; building and maintaining relationships is so important to me.  In addition to my full-time career as a custom newborn photographer serving the Tulsa, OK area, I have been teaching fellow newborn photographers from around the world how to properly and safely pose newborns since 2011.  I have taught over 1000 photographers and have spoken at newborn conferences both nationally and internationally.  I have captured over 1700 newborns in my 9 year career as a newborn photographer andI am truly blessed that God has given me this incredible gift.

Course Content : 

How to determine what your clients like and photographing for them.  Overcoming photographing for ourselves.  I will go through my entire process from client inquiry, posing and shooting, to finalising the sale.  I will demonstrate my biggest selling images and show you how to process those images as well.  It will be a jam packed class full of learning.

£445 - 12 places per class

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Magdalena Berny

Magdalena Berny, born in 1976, graduate from the Poznan University of Physical Education in Poland, self-taught photographer, passionate, mother of two. Over the years, she managed to create her own quite distinctive style. Works by Magdalena were published in Polish and foreign press dedicated to photographs such as Digital Camera, Click Magazine, illustrations used as guides to photographing children and for projects of book covers.

As a portrait and child photographer for several years Magdalena has been leading photography workshops which have enjoyed great success in Poland and abroad.
About her:" Children as the subject of my photos appeared with their coming into the world. They were and are the cause, they determine the choice of subject of my photos. Photography for me is not only to catch the moments lived with children is also a record of my own emotions, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker. My work are simple, quiet and there is a little bit magic in many of them. I want to show there is a magic in ordinary lives and the best things are the simplest ones. "

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£445 - 12 places per class

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Stephanie Lemmens

Stéphanie Lemmens is a Belgian maternity, newborn and baby photographer and owner of « Il était une fois… Photographie » (who is a french name and means « once upon a time… » )

Graduated in Chemistry and Art Music, Stephanie started to capture the moments of her sons childhood. The camera was just a gift to register her baby boy and became an important instrument of work- it became a passion.

Her photography business was launched in autumn 2015.

Nowadays she is a distinguished maternity, newborn and baby photographer, who has spoken and taught at many workshops and events across Europe.

Site:          Facebook: Il était une fois

Stephanie will guide you through her world of emotional maternity photography. 

  • indoor and outdoor maternity shooting (if weather permits) 
  • camera settings to get the best SOOC pictures
  • lighting
  • gown selection
  • posing
  • post-production in photoshop

£445 - 12 places per class

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Karen Alsop

Karen Alsop is an internationally acclaimed Melbourne, Australia-based photographic digital artist. Expanding on two decades of photographic and graphic design experience, Karen brings photography and art together to create stunning artworks that tell a story and take the viewer into another world.

Specializing in Portrait Art, her digital portraiture captures the personality and character of her subjects by placing them within a visual story highlighting their interests. Karen uses the power of Photoshop to composite multiple captures together, making the impossible possible within her art.

The Heart Project, founded in January 2016 by Karen, sees her using her compositing skills to give children with severe disabilities the wings to fly. The Heart Project, a joint partnership between Story Art and Adobe Australia is bringing hope worldwide to children and families through the power of photography


£445 - 12 places per class


Imagine the Impossible with Photography and Photoshop

Immerse yourself in a fantasy land of wonder with award winning illustrative artist Karen Alsop. This masterclass will take you through all the steps of creating a unique fine art fantasy piece for your clients.

Stand out from the crowd and increase your revenue by offering imaginative photographic wall art that tells the story of your client.

Karen will take you through shooting and creating magical backgrounds. You will then have opportunity to photograph a child model and props. The session will culminate in a masterclass of Photoshop compositing resulting in a striking finished piece of the class child model that is straight out of a storybook.

Class attendees will also receive 3 months membership to Story Art Education - - and Karen’s own Photoshop Magic Actions collection that will speed up your compositing workflow. 

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Gary Hill

Pose, Light , refine... the fine art approach to family photographs. How to create the timeless images that families are prepared to pay for and see on their walls.

£195 - 12 places per class

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Suzi Mitchell

 Little White Photography

Hi I'm Suzi I own Little White Photography and am based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. My style is very relaxed, natural and I stick almost exclusively to white. I love the simplicity and clean freshness that shooting on white creates.

£195 - 12 places per class


Suzi will let you in on her tips and tricks for achieving desirable whites. From how she sets up and utilises her lighting, to her camera settings and the angles she focuses on while shooting, right through to how she edits to ensure her whites are spot on

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