Magdalena Berny

Magdalena Berny, born in 1976, graduate from the Poznan University of Physical Education in Poland, self-taught photographer, passionate, mother of two. Over the years, she managed to create her own quite distinctive style. Works by Magdalena were published in Polish and foreign press dedicated to photographs such as Digital Camera, Click Magazine, illustrations used as guides to photographing children and for projects of book covers.

As a portrait and child photographer for several years Magdalena has been leading photography workshops which have enjoyed great success in Poland and abroad.
About her:" Children as the subject of my photos appeared with their coming into the world. They were and are the cause, they determine the choice of subject of my photos. Photography for me is not only to catch the moments lived with children is also a record of my own emotions, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker. My work are simple, quiet and there is a little bit magic in many of them. I want to show there is a magic in ordinary lives and the best things are the simplest ones. "

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During the workshop I’ll show:
• how to create natural looking, timeless and simple
portrait using the simplest measures
• how to work with natural light (indoor and outdoor)
• How to work with colors - how to prepare the right colors
to achieve contrasted color palette and harmonious color
palette, which colors choose for special types of beauty.
• Post-production in Lr and Ps

£445 - 12 places per class